Agriculture Productivity and Food Security Conference

Event date: 7 July 2014 - 8 July 2014

Venue: Michelangelo Hotel, Sandton
City: Johannesburg
Country: South Africa
Register/website: Agriculture Productivity and Food Security Conference 2014

Description: ASM Communications will be hosting the Agriculture Productivity and Food Security Conference from 7 – 8 July 2014  at the Michelangelo Hotel, Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa. Africa’s food security and human development depend enormously on agriculture. Agriculture determines food availability and is the first link in the food security chain. It is the main source of income and employment for a majority of Africans, especially the poor, and also directly supports human development. Agriculture also shapes how the continent uses its land and water sustainable. Agricultural productivity is critical to the region to meet food security and economic development objectives in the face of rapid population growth. This conference will focus on skills shortages in African countries, what kind of skills are lacking, what can be done and the new approaches to tackle these obstacles. It will also review the international community’s contributions equipping farmers with innovative technology. Looking at experiences of farming on global level and African producing countries, have projections on economic growth in the sector.