African Youth Development Summit

Event date: 27 October 2013 - 2 November 2013

City: Addis Abeba
Country: Ethiopia
Website: African Youth Development Summit

Description: Working towards sustainable development requires a concerted, deliberate and timely effort if the challenges of our times are to be met. Ensuring the environment around us is able to sustain economic and social activities and most importantly, life, is more critical now than ever before. The combination of climate change, poor management of natural resources and unsustainable activities over many decades is devastating communities and livelihoods and urgent global political consensus and action is now required to begin the commitments and investments to address the challenges at hand.

As the immediate heirs to poor leadership and therefore to this unsustainable future, Africa’s current youth population has an urgent responsibility to ensure that its communities, countries and the continent at large act as frontrunners for a safe, sustainable and productive future for them and their children. The Network of African Youths for Development (NAYD) is a group of thousands of like-minded, dynamic, and self-driven young individuals holding hands from across the continent and beyond eager to see real sustainable development and youth in action in Africa and is therefore planning to hold a Summit.

The African Youth for Development Development Summit under the theme ’’ Create a roadmap for youth led sustainable Development in Africa’’ is intended to provide a platform for youth and youth leaders to discuss and reflect on imminent issues faced in Africa, as a continent, and draw up opportunities to improve youth development towards achieving a sustainable future.

From October 27- November 2 , 2013 , delegates will anticipate to address the needs of both the African youth and the continent at large, with emphasis on its vast natural resources and potentials. It will culminate into the formulation of key recommendations for implementation for various agencies and stakeholders. This Summit will also provide delegates with an excellent opportunity to form networks and act upon the challenges that youth are facing by curving a long term path towards a youth led for better future for Africa: