6th Annual International ESP Conference 2013

Event date: 26 August 2013 - 30 August 2013

Venue: tbc
City: Bali
Country: Indonesia
Website: 6th Annual International ESP Conference 2013 

Description: The Ecosystem Services Partnership invites you to the 6th annual ESP conference, which will be held from 26-30 August 2013, on Bali, Indonesia. Don’t miss your chance to interact and exchange ideas with other ESP members, practitioners, educators, policy-makers, researchers, and many others in this International setting. Be part of working-groups producing outcomes ranging from journal articles, white papers, book chapters, grant proposals, database structures, websites, and much more. The emphasis of this 6th International ESP conference will be on the practical application of the ecosystem services concept in planning, management and decision making, and the development of case studies.

Like the previous ESP-conferences, the program will consist of a mix of plenary sessions, workshops (organized by the ESP-working groups), Open Space sessions (proposed and organized by the participants) and Special Sessions devoted to specific topics proposed by the co-organizers and sponsors.

The conference is scheduled for 4-5 days (to be decided: Monday-afternoon – Friday-afternoon) with a mid-term excursion to experience Ecosystem Services in practice at one of the ICRAF-CGIAR field sites.

It is also planned to organize a Summer School on practical tools for ES assessment around the Conference dates, probably starting Saturday-morning August 24, ending Sunday-evening September 1st.

The first half day will be devoted to “wrapping up the current state of ES research and findings from prior ESP meetings” (so we build on the knowledge generated in the previous ESP conferences and Working Group-activities during the intermediate period).

Mornings on most days are reserved for Plenary keynotes on the main conference topics (to be decided in consultation with the members) and Special Sessions (to be organized by the core-partners: SGA, TEEB, SER, IALE, ADB and possibly others). On the last morning, invited stakeholders will present and discuss the main incentives and obstacles involved in implementing Ecosystem Services in practice.

Afternoons: are reserved for Workshops (organized by the ESP Thematic Working groups and Biome expert groups) and Open Space Sessions, where participants can present their work and discuss specific problems and potential solutions in a free format, leading preferably to concrete output (publications, a research plan, etc.). The outcome of the workshops & Open Space-sessions will be presented and discussed in an innovative and interactive way the last afternoon.
It is planned to publish the results of these workshops & sessions in Special Issues of the Journals associated with the Ecosystem Services Partnership (see conference website for more information)

Throughout the conference there will be designated space and time for poster-sessions, displays and demonstrations, a market place and discussion groups.
A mid-conference excursion will be organized to demonstrate how the Balinese landscape can provide ecosystem services for the benefit of the people.