65th Annual United Nations Conference for Non-Governmental Organizations

Event date: 27 August 2014 - 29 August 2014

Venue: UNHQ Complex
City: New York
Country: USA
Register: 65th Annual United Nations Conference for Non-Governmental Organizations

65th UN NGO Conference 2014

Description: New York, USA, will be the host city for the 2014 65th Annual United Nations Conference for Non-Governmental Organizations, on the theme “2015 and Beyond: Our Action Agenda.” This city, USA’s most multicultural metropolis, has been one of the primary gateways for immigrants for centuries and continues to be home to more than 3 million of foreign-born nationals. The shifting city population is dominated by newcomers who are building new neighbourhoods and creating revolutionary change. It is therefore fitting that the major UN conference to be held in the United States, should be held in this auspicious city. Equally appropriate is the fact that the United Nations Headquarters in New York has put the design of the post-2015 development framework at the top of the international agenda in order to accelerate progress and further efforts for a strong global partnership.

The United Nations and the post-2015 Development Agenda

The world has made enormous progress towards the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals. As global poverty continues to decline, more children than ever are attending primary school, child deaths have dropped dramatically, access to safe drinking water has been greatly expanded, and targeted investments in fighting malaria, AIDS and tuberculosis have saved millions, it is critical that efforts to achieve a world of prosperity, equity, freedom, dignity and peace will continue unabated. Therefore, it is necessary to build on the momentum generated by the MDGs and carry on with an ambitious post-2015 development agenda in order to provide concrete steps for delivering the promise of sustainable development.

We have witnessed an unprecedented international dialogue on the post-2015 action agenda. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has established a UN System Task Team to coordinate preparations for beyond 2015. In July 2012, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced the 27 members of a High-level Panel to advice on the global development framework beyond 2015. It is the task of the United Nations to ensure that the issues that directly impact the civil society are at the core of this framework.

Role of NGOs in Designing the post-2015 Development Agenda

“Civil society brings vital issues to our attention. They help us make the case for stronger protection of human rights. They push for more equal societies. They mobilize action to address violations and injustice. Their constructive criticism strengthens all that we do. In short, civil society is an indispensable partner of the United Nations.”
UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon at the Human Rights Council Panel on the Protection of Civil Society Space, Geneva, 11 March 2014

It is with this in mind that the UN DPI/NGO Conference has chosen to focus on the role of civil society in the post-2015 development agenda.
More specifically, the Conference will focus on the following areas:

• Poverty eradication
• Sustainability
• Climate justice
• Human rights
• Partnerships and accountability frameworks

The 65th Annual UN DPI/NGO Conference is an opportunity to bring together the vast diversity of civil society representation, constituencies and campaigns in the lead up to the opening of the 69th Session of the General Assembly and UNFCCC COP 20 in Lima, when critical decisions will be made by governments about advancing the sustainable development agenda. The Conference shall provide an inclusive space for the expression of a diversity of views, with a focus on ensuring that marginalized voices are heard. It should be an opportunity for civil society to come together to support the post-2015 negotiations, and contribute to a successful post-2015 agenda and its implementation, including through informed and constructive dissent.