2nd Climate Change and Population Conference on Africa

Event date: 3 June 2013 - 7 June 2013

Venue: University of Ghana
City: Legon, Accra
Country: Ghana
Host: Regional Institute for Population Studies (RIPS)
Website: 2nd Climate Change and Population Conference on Africa 

2nd climate change and population conference on africa


Description: The theme of the conference is ‘Climate Change Risks And Development At Crossroads-Sharing Lessons’. This development knowledge conference is intended to break the huge barriers that have existed amongst potential stakeholders over the years. It represents a call for state and non-state actors from industry including manufacturing and ICT, private businesses, and civil society to join researchers in Accra to pursue a new partnership agenda on threats posed to humanity by climate change. We believe that Energy usage (including electricity, fuel, mechanisation, etc) is a uniting factor when it comes to climate change because the whole of society depends on some form of energy to develop.

As the theme depicts, the conference is geared towards providing a common platform for lessons towards Green Growth in our economies.