Energy – make it bird-friendly!

Energy – make it bird-friendly! is the theme for World Migratory Bird Day this year – celebrated annually on the second weekend in May. The aim of the annual awareness-raising campaign is to highlight the need for the conservation of migratory birds and their habitats.


With the theme “Energy – make it bird-friendly!”, WMBD 2015 aims to highlight the importance of deploying energy technologies in a way that prevents, minimizes and mitigates impacts on migratory birds and their habitats.

Every year, millions of migratory birds struggle with the massive expansion of various means of generating and distributing energy: collisions and electrocution due to power lines as well as barrier effects from energy infrastructure are causing mortality and displacement. In addition, the birds suffer effects from habitat loss and degradation and other disturbances from the deployment of hydropower, bio-energy, ocean, solar, wind and geothermal energy technologies. Sustainable renewable energy production is expected to have positive effects on migratory birds by mitigating climate change and its impacts. However, if certain energy technologies are deployed without proper planning, design and risk assessment, it can pose a grave threat to migratory bird species.

Migration is a perilous journey and involves a wide range of threats. Besides energy developments, migratory birds are exposed to various other threats such as poaching and encroachment of habitats. As migratory birds depend on a range of sites along their distribution area, the loss of wintering and stopover sites could have a dramatic impact on the birds’ chances of survival.

Events around the globe are being organised to mark h celebration of World Migratory Bird Day this year. Take action and celebrate, conserve and raise awareness of migratory birds on 9-10 May 2015 by organizing educational programmes, lectures, bird-watching tours, visits to bird-friendly energy infrastructure, competitions, art exhibitions and other public events.

You can register your event on the dedicated World Migratory Bird Day website so it can be added to the global Event Map:

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