Eco Documentaries & Short Films to Change the World

Films For Action is a community-powered online library of eco documentaries and short films for people who want to change the world. Films For Action uses the power of film to raise awareness of important social, environmental, and media-related issues not covered by the mainstream news.

films for action

Offering access to over 200 documentaries and 500 short films that can be watched free online, Films for Action aims to empower citizens with the information and perspectives essential to creating a more just, sustainable, and democratic society.

“People are tired of the weak journalism and shallow debates from the usual talking heads on TV,” Hjersted says. “But we don’t need to wait for the mainstream media to reform themselves. With the internet, we don’t need $500 million to buy our own network. We can create our own media channels. Grass-roots, from the bottom up.”

The site has 42 special coverage areas including activism, corporations, climate change, community, human and animal rights, peak oil, sustainability, permaculture, solutions, big ideas, vision and more. Some of the most popular environmental and social good documentaries and short films on the site include:

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