Earth Hour Blue: mobilising crowdfunding to support conservation and sustainable development

Earth Hour is a global environmental movement of WWF which has grown from a symbolic event in one city into a global movement, crowdsourcing actions from individuals, businesses, organizations and governments to generate environmental outcomes.  Earth Hour Blue has been introduced in 2014 which aims at mobilising crowdfunding and crowdsourcing to support conservation and sustainable development initiatives around the world.

Earth Hour Blue is all about the collective effort of individuals around the world getting together to help fund or add their voice to support on-the-ground environmental and social projects that deliver real outcomes.

Earth Hour Blue

Crowdfunding for African based conservation and sustainable development projects

Several WWF crowdfunding projects are being promoted initiatilly with the aim of increasing this number to 30 projects before Earth Hour 2014. African based WWF projects being launched include:

  • Light up a Village” project which aims to support 600 families living around the Earth Hour Forest to acquire energy efficient technologies and products;
  • 4000 Efficient Cook Stoves for Madagascar” – to provide more efficient cook stoves to families in the country to limit deforestation;
  • Restore the Roodeberg” – aims to raise funds to expand and conserve the iconic Table Mountain National park in South Africa.

Light Up a Village for EArth Hour 2014

The crowdsourcing projects being launched for Earth Hour Blue are:

  • Together with Shark Saver’s we are asking our global community to say “I’m Finished With Fins” and support the pledge to take shark’s fin off the menu;
  • I Heart The Reef” – an Instagram campaign for people to share their love of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, as part of the “Lights Out For The Reef” Earth Hour theme from WWF-Australia;
  • We Love Cities” – Join the global celebration of the most lovable sustainable cities. Vote, share your love and suggest ideas for the Earth Hour City Challenge finalist cities.


How you can get involved in Earth Hour Blue

  • Amplify the hour. Show where you stand on the night of Earth Hour and engage your friends and network to support the cause.
  • Multiply your dollar through crowdfunding. Join the crowd to fund a project you love.
  • Globalise your voice. Add your voice to one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time.

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