Green Energy Summer School 2015

renac renewables academyTitle: Green Energy Summer School
Dates: 17 August – 4 September 2015
Organsiation: RENAC
City: Berlin
Country: Germany
Register/website: Green Energy Summer School 2015

Description: From the 17th of August to the 04th of September 2015 in the German capital Berlin, is the third edition of RENAC’s Green Energy Summer School 2015 (GESS 2015). GESS 2015 offers an opportunity to get an exceptional insight into renewable energy sources, the various technologies of harnessing them and how to save the energy captured through energy efficiency.

This three weeks programme covering different topics is a unique opportunity, geared at using the best part of the year not only for vacation but for studies as well. . The first week of introduction to renewable energy technology is designed to suit the interest of technicians and non-technicians who want to enhance their career prospects by getting a comprehensive overview of the various available renewable energy technologies. In the course of the second week, students, professionals, technicians etc., will have the opportunity to obtain an in-depth know-how about photovoltaic in both grid-connected and off-grid systems. A third week of two parallel seminars completes the summer school programme – an overview of energy efficiency in industry and buildings and an introduction to bioenergy.

All these will be achieved through a blend of up to date theoretical lectures, state of the arts practical exercises and field excursions accompanied by a lot of fun and international networking. The “Green Energy Summer School” serves as a platform to study in a team with professionals from many different countries while bringing renewable energy and / or energy efficiency know-how to perfection.

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