Course: Overview of Renewable Energy Technologies

renac renewables academyCourse language: English
Registration deadline: 6 July 2015
Institution: Renewables Academy AG (RENAC)
City: Berlin
Country: Germany
Course link: Overview of Renewable Energy Technologies 

Description: This course gives participants a structured overview of the different renewable energy sources, how they can be used for the provision of energy in the form of electricity, heat and cold. It is perfect for those who are new to renewable energies and need a quick entry to its technical, commercial, legal or administrative aspects. At the end, participants will be able to assess the appropriateness of different technologies for a variety of situations and undertake their own initial designs for renewable energy systems. Additionally the course will present an overview of the renewable energy markets and latest market trends.


  • Range of commercially viable renewable energy technologies 
  • Energy, electricity, CO2 emissions 
  • Photovoltaics 
  • Solar thermal 
  • Wind energy 
  • Bioenergy –Biogas, biomass and biofuels 
  • Hydropower 
  • Solar cooling and concentrating solar power (CSP) 
  • Grid integration of renewable energy sources 
  • Field trip

Contact details:
Dr. Emilienne Tingwey
Phone: +49(0)30-526 895 882
Email: tingwey[at]