Course: Online Training on Grid Integration of Renewable Energy (CRGM®)

ReGrid integration of renewables courseCourse title: Online Training on Grid Integration of Renewable Energy – with exam to obtain CRGM – certificate (Certified ReGrid Management)
Dates: 1 April 2015 – 30 September 2015 
Organisation: RENAC
City: Berlin or worldwide
Country: Germany or worldwide
Register/website: Online Training on Grid Integration of Renewable Energy 

Description: The training is useful for persons who would like to learn more about methodologies to plan and operate electricity systems with large amounts of wind and solar power, and to learn how to manage transformation processes in their energy system and/or company towards large amounts of wind and solar power. The course material is suitable for persons who passed a technical university study or who have comprehensive practical experiences in the planning and operation of electricity grids / power systems. The knowledge of the previous ReGrid Basic training is recommended as a prerequisite for the ReGrid Advanced Online Training. Participants who pass the online exam will receive a Certified ReGrid Manager certificate.

Topics: 

  • Tools and methods for developing temporal and spatial highly resolved scenarios for electricity generation from wind, PV and CSP
  • Generator concepts for renewable generation
  • Short-term prediction of wind and solar power
  • Balancing power, grid codes for renewables
  • Generation expansion planning of systems with a high share of wind and PV generation
  • Grid integration studies and system integration studies
  • Storage


  • Online material (text, charts)
  • Self tests for learning assessment
  • RENAC advisory services / questions and answers (1 hour for three modules)

Language: English

Duration: About 200 hours study time


Please contact Ms Katrin Backhaus at RENAC, using the online enquiry form below, if you would like to enquire about this course