Course: Office Eco Manager



Dates: tbc
Organisation: Terra Firma Academy
Venue: The River Club, Observatory
City: Cape Town
Country: South Africa


Description: This course is aimed at sustainability team members and consultants that want to offer a comprehensive environmental service to offices and their managers. Key focus areas include energy efficiency, waste management, water efficiency, elimination of contaminants, responsible purchasing, assessing new technologies and ongoing monitoring and training requirements. Key skills that the learner will absorb include greenhouse gas emissions calculations, cost-savings analysis, planning, strategising, assessing recommendations, correct maintenance practices and green retrofits. The course focuses on teaching learners how to systematically assess problem areas within a commercial environment and to recommend appropriate solutions (technology & behaviour). Learners will be able to conduct financial assessments of solutions recommended and will get a strong understanding on those solutions that maximise return on investment. Filled with practical exercises, videos, images, examples and in-depth case-studies, this course is ideal for a company’s green team or those wanting to consult to offices.

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