Course: Introduction to Energy Efficiency in Industry and Buildings

RENAC-240Dates: 31 August – 4 September 2015
Organisation: RENAC
City: Berlin 
Country: Germany 
Register/website: Introduction to Energy Efficiency in Industry and Buildings

Description: Energy efficiency is essential to ensure a secure and sustainable energy supply. This training looks into the economic, strategic, and environmental motivations that push private companies and governments to develop new professional figures to reach ambitious energy saving targets. Additionally, participants will learn about the powerful impact of energy efficient technologies on competitiveness and energy costs. They will practice both technical and managerial tasks needed in energy saving projects in the industrial and building sectors.


  • Motivations and obstacles for energy efficiency in the industrial and building sector 
  • Energy analysis: auditing and monitoring energy costs and consumptions
  • Energy efficient solutions in industry and buildings
  • Financing energy efficiency: cost analysis, cash flow modelling, Energy Efficient Procurement and Contracting
  • Legal framework and government instruments for energy efficiency in industries and buildings
  • EE standards and certifications for buildings, management processes and product
  • Field trips, practical demonstrations and exercises

5 days

Please contact Ms Manolita Wiehl at RENAC, using the online enquiry form below, if you would like to enquire about this course