Course: Introduction to Carbon Projects and Markets

Dates: 11 September 2013
Course title: Introduction to Carbon Projects and Markets
Organisation: Terra Firma Academy
Venue: River Club, Liesbeek Parkway, Observatory
City:  Cape Town
Country:  South Africa
Register/website: Introduction to Carbon Projects and Markets 

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Description: This is an essential course for anyone wanting to understand the carbon markets and how to develop a carbon credit project. A key aim of the course is to simplify this highly complex area to facilitate good decision making by learners. This course will give clarity to those people who are unsure if they have a carbon project or simply want to better understand the process and costs to developing a carbon project. Key focus areas include the history of the carbon markets and their evolutions, current stability of the carbon markets and recent decisions, the evolution of carbon projects their mechanisms and methodologies, stages of a carbon project, costs, timelines, financing options and the local legislative landscape. We use a number of practical examples to ensure that learners leave this course with a good understanding of all the key elements of a carbon project.

Benefits of doing the course
  • Discover how the carbon markets were created, their drivers and how their future is being moulded through international negotiation; cap and trade discussions as well as carbon taxation legislation.
  • Gain an understanding around the carbon project development landscape and how it can benefit you and your company
  • Get visibility into timelines, costs and risks relating to developing a carbon project
  • Understand all of the elements of the carbon project development process
  • Learn about the types of carbon markets and carbon instrument and how carbon tax legislation will impact them
  • Learn tools to identify if a carbon project is viable
  • Learn about the types of carbon projects and registration bodies and what specific documentation is required by these bodies
  • Learn how carbon credits are created and traded
  • Understand the skills and resources required to make decisions about carbon projects
Who should do this course?
  • Managers and business owners who need to make decisions involving renewable energy and carbon projects development
  • Renewable energy project developers looking for new forms of financing to kick start their project
  • Financial managers who are tasked with assessing the potential revenue streams and ROI of a new project
  • Environmental professionals looking to advise their customers on potential carbon projects
  • Engineers and Facilities managers looking to use the carbon markets to finance efficiencies