Course: Introduction to Bioenergy

RENAC-240Dates: 31 August – 4 September 2015
Organisation: RENAC
City: Berlin 
Country: Germany 
Register/website: Introduction to Bioenergy 

Description: Bioenergy as a renewable energy resource offers many advantages. It can be converted into various forms of secondary and final energy. Even better than this, it is storable, so it can be converted right at the time energy is needed. This course is directed towards newcomers in the bioenergy sector, offering a comprehensive introduction to all relevant legal, economic and technical aspects. Participants learn about various frameworks and approaches for the support of biogas and biofuels, their market entry, costs and technological developments, plus how to start planning a biogas plant.

·         Biogas technology
·         Biomass combustion
·         Biomass pyrolysis and gasification
·         Biofuels
·         Biogas plant design
·         Financial parameters
·         Small scale bioenergy projects with best practice examples
·         Microfinance solutions for bioenergy projects
·         Regulatory needs
·         Solid biomass for heat and power
·         International frameworks & mechanisms
·         Field trip

5 days

Please contact Ms Manolita Wiehl at RENAC, using the online enquiry form below, if you would like to enquire about this course