Course: Intro to Carbon Projects and Markets



Dates: 22 May 2013
Organisation: Terra Firma Academy
Venue: TBA
City: Johannesburg
Country: South Africa

Description: This is an essential course for anyone wanting to understand the carbon markets and how to develop a carbon credit project. A key aim of the course is to simplify this highly complex area to facilitate good decision making by learners. This course will give clarity to those people who are unsure if they have a carbon project or simply want to better understand the process and costs to developing a carbon project. Key focus areas include the history of the carbon markets and their evolutions, current stability of the carbon markets and recent decisions, the evolution of carbon projects their mechanisms and methodologies, stages of a carbon project, costs, timelines, financing options and the local legislative landscape. We use a number of practical examples to ensure that learners leave this course with a good understanding of all the key elements of a carbon project.

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