Course: Grid-connected and Off-grid Photovoltaics

renac renewables academyOrganisation: RENAC
City: Berlin
Country: Germany
Register: Grid-connected and Off-grid Photovoltaics 

Description: This training covers all aspects of planning, installation, maintenance, quality management and monitoring of both grid-connected and off-grid PV systems. Additionally, non-technical issues such as legal aspects, project management, economics and financing will also be discussed.

The course is structured in a way that participants with little or no technical experience can develop an understanding for PV technology so that they can assess PV projects from a technical perspective. A combination of theory with practical expercises in our training centre and additional site visits will give participants the opportunity to obtain in-depth know-how about PV.


  • Solar resource and PV systems: Peak sun hours, annual radiation, solar trajectory, angles, reliable data, basics of PV systems and components. 
  • PV fundamentals: Solar cell principles, photovoltaic effect, physical processes in solar cell, electrical characteristics of a solar cell, different PV-technologies and their advantages (wafer-based versus thin-film), production of solar cells 
  • PV cells and modules: From single cells to PV arrays (series/parallel connection), module variety and specifications, measurements and tests of PV modules, quality requirements, certificates and warranty 
  • Electricity output and shading: Methods of optimizing, impact of shading, how to deal with shading, if unavoidable, site surveying – shading analysis (practical exercise) 
  • Inverters and inverter-chargers: Inverter technologies & concepts, PV-inverter sizing, installation requirements, types of voltage converters, inverter power ratings, types and examples of inverters-chargers, inverter wiring 
  • Further components of PV systems, mechanical mounting: Cable and wiring, electrical safety devices, wind and snow loads, mounting –module mounting methods, mount material, mounting structures for off-grid PV systems, wiring PV arrays, cables 
  • Grid connected system design: Site surveying, checklist for roof and ground mounted systems, selection of components, system configuration with exercise, Choosing the place for inverter installation, cable sizing, choosing the DC isolator and decision on the combiner box 
  • Electrical installation and grid-connection: Principles, electrical installation on the DC and AC side, connecting to the grid, technical regulations 
  • Economic assessment of PV plants: Calculation of grid connected PV systems (with demonstration/exercise), project risks and their mitigation, economic viability of PV plants 
  • PV off-grid components: Inverters, batteries, Lights & appliances, charge controllers types of voltage converters, inverter power ratings, types and examples of charge-controller, inverter wiring, battery principles, battery types, battery sizing, wiring, fuses / battery safety, configurations, lights efficacy, comparison of lights, efficiency, DC and AC appliances Charge controller functions and wiring 
  • PV-off-grid system design and commisioning: Site surveys, system planning, system sizing 
  • System design II and Economics of Off-grid PV systems: Using software to size and design systems and optimise output, using PVGIS demo, PVGIS practical, market analysis, developing a marketing strategy 
  • Practical Training: Module characterization with multimeters and I,V curve tester, system assembly and wiring, system commissioning 
  • Solar water pumping: Wiring diagram exercises, solar water pumping systems, wiring configuration exercises, solar Pathfinder / shade analysis

Suitable for: 

  • Engineers with limited technical knowledge on these technologies 
  • Non-technicians, advisors and consultants, bank employees responsible for the finance of renewable energy, insurance company employees 
  • Students starting their career in this field 
  • Staff from government bodies and other public authorities responsible for renewable energy implementation 


5 days