Course: Green Energy Summer School: Introduction to Bioenergy

renac renewables academyDates: 5 – 9 September 2016
Organisation: RENAC
Location: Berlin, Germany
Register: Green Energy Summer School: Introduction to Bioenergy 

Description: This training gives a detailed overview of the principles of generating bioenergy in a sustainable way. Emphasis will be put on bioenergy systems – from the resources to the conversion technologies and finally to the end products. The fundamentals, benefits and potentials for heat, power, and biofuels of the various existing bioenergy conversion technologies will be explored as well as cogeneration such as biomass heat and power plants. Additionally, the training will incorporate plant design, economics as well as supporting schemes and project management issues.


  • Introduction to Bioenergy 
  • Biogas technology (biogas potential of different substrates, technology levels, biogas and digestate utilization, market development) 
  • Biomass combustion (type of plants) 
  • Biomass pyrolysis and gasification 
  • Biofuels (1st and 2nd generation) 
  • Biogas plant design exercise: calculation of biogas production, design of combined heat and power plant digestate, biogas storage, mixing tank and storage of digestate 
  • Financial parameters, Biogas plant calculation tool exercise 
  • Small Scale Bioenergy projects with best practice examples (with experiences from Africa) 
  • Microfinance solutions for bioenergy projects 
  • Regulatory needs with respect to project planning, installation, operation and maintenance 
  • Solid biomass for heat and power: fundamentals of biomass to energy, biomass project development, the feedstock, concept and design, economics, financial and legal framework 
  • International promotional Frameworks & Mechanisms: premium tariffs, Quota systems/ (Green) certificates systems, grants, tax reductions/ credits, loans at reduced rate of interest, net-metering, emission reduction certificates and emission trading 
  • Excursion to biomass and biogas plant and biomass house heating system