Course: Energy Efficiency Management – EW SETA accredited and CPD validated

energy efficiency managementDates: 23 – 25 July 2014
Course title: Energy Efficiency Management
Organisation:  Terra Firma Academy
City:  Johannesburg
Country:  South Africa
Register/website:  Energy Efficiency Management

Acquire knowledge and skills to manage energy efficiently. 

Description: This Energy and Water SETA accredited course is aimed at individuals who want to understand energy efficiency and advise businesses on how to measure and reduce energy consumption immediately.

The course focuses on teaching learners how to systematically assess problematic energy areas within a small to medium business environment and to recommend appropriate solutions (technology & behaviour).

Learners will be able to conduct financial assessments of each solution recommended and will get a strong understanding of how to assess solutions that maximise the customers return on investment.

Areas of focus in this course include bill & tariff assessment, power factor & voltage assessment, lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning & cooling (HVAC), office and IT equipment, water heating and energy monitoring. Learners will leave this course with a real skill that can be offered to customers immediately or enhance your current job.

Benefits of doing this course

  • Get competency in this field through SETA accredited training.
  • Gain an understanding of energy management opportunities (EMO’s)
  • Get knowledge on individual energy using devices and how they can be made more efficient
  • Advise organisations on how to measure and reduce energy consumption
  • Understand the entire process of conducting an energy efficiency assessment for a site
  • Build the skills to conduct financial assessments of energy efficiency opportunities
  • Use your skills immediately to offer services to customers

Find a job in the growing energy efficiency sector