Course: Carbon Footprint Analyst – LG SETA Accredited

carbon footprint analystDates: 04 – 06 June 2014
Course title: Carbon Footprint Analyst
Organisation: Terra Firma Academy
City:  Johannesburg
Country:  South Africa
Register/website: Carbon Footprint Analyst  

Learn how to conduct a carbon footprint based on international standards.

Description:  Increasingly companies around the world are undertaking assessments of their carbon footprints. The reasons for this include the growth of carbon tax legislation, voluntary compliance (CDP, GRI, and SRI) or just the realisation that it’s good for business. A carbon footprint can also be an excellent way to focus your team on reducing organisational costs.

This course teaches learners how to conduct a carbon footprint assessment in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and ISO 14064 with a focus on clearly explaining each step required when conducting a world class carbon footprint for an organisation. Often the most complex part of conducting a carbon footprint is data gathering and in the course we teach important tools to overcome these hurdles. Key areas include: understanding the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, data gathering tools, setting boundaries, data assessment, data quality control, importance of verification and creating a report. The course also includes a module on how to sell the carbon footprint to your management or customer. Learners will be taken through a number of in depth case studies and practical examples.

Benefits of doing the course

  • Gain competency in this field through SETA accredited training
  • Conduct your own company’s carbon footprint and prepare for
  • South African carbon tax in 2014/15
  • Learn how to do a carbon footprint assessment in accordance with global best practice
  • Add a valuable skill that all companies will need
  • Add to your career growth opportunities
  • Grow your existing consultancy with new services
  • Get qualified to conduct an internationally accepted carbon footprint assessment

Begin a new career in carbon consulting