Course: Applying Renewable Energy Online Training

renac renewables academyDates: 01 April 2016 – 30 September 2016
Organisation: RENAC
Location: Online
Register: Applying Renewable Energy Online Training 

Description: Applying Renewable Energy offers a selection of courses on a wide variety of renewable energy technologies for those who need to learn the fundamentals for their jobs. The courses available are electricity, photovoltaics (PV), wind power, biogas, concentrated solar power (CSP), and PV-diesel hybrid systems. Participants can combine them with flexibility to build their personalised training according to their interests and needs. 



  • Applications and market development 
  • Solar radiation 
  • System components 
  • Grid-tied and off-grid system configurations 
  • Introduction to system design and yield estimation

Wind power: 

  • Wind as a resource 
  • Physical basics of wind power 
  • Turbine elements 
  • Energy yield calculation 
  • Wind farm planning steps


  • Basic technological principles governing the operation of electrical power systems 
  • Frequency control 
  • Voltage control 
  • Power system stability in the event of contingencies 
  • Grid codes 

Concentrating Solar Power (CSP): 

  • Potential
  • Technologies 
  • Plant cooling 
  • Electricity storage 
  • Energy yield calculation


  • Benefits and potential 
  • Classification of biogas plants 
  • Components of industrial biogas plants 
  • Substrates for biogas generation 
  • Biogas energy conversion 
  • Digestate as fertilizer 
  • Planning and implementation of biogas plants 

PV-diesel mini-grids: 

  • Off-grid electricity supply by means of diesel-powered mini grids
  • Hybridization with PV- and / or wind energy-systems
  • Technology and components
  • Parameters for system sizing 
  • Levelised cost of energy