Convert offers innovative renewable technologies to South African market

Johannesburg in South Africa is one of the most promising provinces in Africa in terms of its renewable energy development – and it also offers many opportunities for foreign investors in this field.

For those reasons, Convert Italia, one of the fastest growing Italian companies in the renewable technologies sector which boasts 30-years of experience in renewable resources, has created Convert South Africa LTD as a subsidiary company, based in Joannesburg.

Convert South Africa LTD

The South African government’s policy on renewables, which largely supports and incentivizes the development of renewables, as well as the country’s financial and business outlook – constitute a very positive environment for foreign investors. These factors also enable forecasting of market expansion and demand

With the creation of Convert South Africa, the Group initiated its global expansion, where specific conditions have enabled the company to leverage its experience and products to look for potential customers who could benefit from the application of its products and solutions.

Convert South Africa is now offering its experience and skills in PV projects and innovative products aimed at enhancing performance of solar technologies and for rural electrification along with PV Hybrid Systems, and its electrical Power System engineering to the South African market.

The purpose of Convert South Africa’s industrial products are to increase the amount of locally-sourced power from renewable resources, and to store and save energy to be used at different times as well as to support temporary power feed-in disruptions that enable operational continuity.

The following products are offered by Convert South Africa:

  • Convert TRJ TK single axis solar tracker

Convert provides the TRJ TK single axis solar tracker in the form of a ready-to-install kit with a self-configuring card; when first plugged in, this card will guide technicians, via a PC, through the required configurations. The tracker, using electromechanical devices, follows the sun throughout the day from East to West on a horizontal axis of rotation from North to South (tilt 0°). The GPS built into the TJK TK kit provides the system with the exact position of the Sun, immediately and in real time. Convert TRJ is a ready-to-use kit that can be easily installed and which is simple to operate – producing an increase in energy of up to 25%. The Convert TRJ Tracker Kit helps to minimize the tracker solution costs with maximum power and value gain.

single axis solar tracker_Convert South Africa

solar tracker solutions_Convert

  • Modular Energy Systems

Designed for supplying DC electrical energy to telecommunication apparatus such as TV repeaters, networks and radio links for military broadcasting, railway signaling systems, mobile telephone networks, etc., the Energy Power Systems have been often integrated (Integrated Energy Power Station) into utilities energy delivery and compact batteries, to ensure a high energy concentration, modularity, excellent performance and a reduced footprint. The stations are produced in series, but technical features are then customized by Convert technicians based on customer needs and can be modular and in rack.

  • Shelter and Container Systems

The Transportable Energy Systems are “custom” integrated systems for preferred electrical supply in the telecommunication, data processing and electronics industries. The installation in containers offers logistical, integration and technical efficiency benefits, to ensure economic savings, particularly related to system running costs. The station sub-systems can be built in redundancy to ensure the highest station functionalities.

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