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Experts See Cotton made in Africa as a Sustainable Basis for the Growing Textile Industry in Ethiopia

sustainable cotton ethiopia 2_CmiA

Cotton is the most widely used raw material for global textile production and the livelihood of millions of people in Africa. In East African Ethiopia, cotton is both farmed and manufactured into textiles for international trade. Rather than merely exporting this “white gold”, the country invests in the development of the entire textile value chain. […]

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A better world through knowledge and information

The Eye on Earth Alliance has launched its Data Innovation Showcase competition for bloggers, citizen scientists and designers. Participants stand to win a trip to Abu Dhabi and present their work at the 2015 Eye on Earth Summit, running 6-8 October.  Eye on Earth (EoE) is a global movement striving to revolutionise the way we […]

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Growing sustainable cotton provides multiple benefits for Africa

Cotton made in Africa organic

An initiative called Cotton made in Africa (CmiA) proves that growing sustainable cotton provides multiple benefits for Africa. CmiA has been championing improved living conditions of smallholder farmers and environmentally sustainable production of cotton in Africa from 2005. Since it was established 10 years ago, CmiA has delivered significant impacts for farmers and the environment […]

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Mobile Solar Classrooms in Uganda help bridge the digital divide

Mobile Solar Classroom in Uganda

In schools across Uganda, children are learning new computer skills in a digital literacy curriculum that is brought to learners through pop-up Mobile Solar Computer Classrooms. The project helps to bridge the digital divide in Africa by making computer skills accessible, affordable, and relevant to rural schools and community libraries. It also raises awareness of […]

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Project Everyone – engaging the world in ensuring a sustainable future

#globalgoals and #wehaveaplan

Project Everyone is an ambitious new campaign which aims to share news and information about the global sustainable development goals with 7 billion people around the world – in just 7 days! Project Everyone was founded by Richard Curtis (film maker and founder of Comic Relief) and its aim is to make the global sustainable development […]

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Take the #BetterBagChallenge for healthy oceans


Today is World Oceans Day which brings people together around the world in celebrating through actions towards protecting our shared oceans which connect us all. The oceans provide us with so many goods and services that we often take for granted – like regulating climate, providing food to millions of people each year, producing oxygen we need to breathe, […]

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Creating a #NewVision for the Future of our Planet

#NewVision Future

Today marks World Environment Day – celebrated annually around the world on 5 June. This year the theme is “Seven billion dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care” – reminding us that our futures and our aspirations for a better world are inextricably interlinked and that the solutions to global challenges like climate change will only […]

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Creating a framework for a sustainable future, together

sustainable future

This year world leaders will meet to negotiate a global agreement on climate change and a new framework for sustainable development through the adoption of Sustainable Development Goals, echoing in a new post-2015 development agenda that replaces the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). These agreements will have a profound impact on the future of our people and planet. […]

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Celebrate Earth Day 2015 in Africa


How will you be celebrating Earth Day in Africa today? Today, 22nd of April, more than 1 billion people in 192 countries around the world will take part in a myriad of Earth Day activities and events under the banner “It’s our turn to lead“. This year marks the 45th anniversary of the annual Earth Day event. […]

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Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care

#WED2015 SCP

Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care. This is the theme that has been selected for World Environment Day 2015, which is celebrated annually on 5 June. World Environment Day is a United Nations event that rallies people and organisations across the world to take part in raising awareness for the environment (and our […]

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