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Tracking progress on cutting food waste and losses

food security

In 2015, countries committed to the Sustainable Development Goal 12.3, calling on the world to cut food waste and losses in half by 2030. To put this goal in context – according to the FAO, one-third of the

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Fall in love with sustainable alternatives this Valentines Day

Fall in love with sustainable

The United Nations Environment Program is urging people around the world to ‘break up’ with plastic and fall in love with sustainable alternatives this Valentines Day.

UNEP has created this 2-minute Valentine’s day film, “It’s not me, it’s you,” which

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New study identifies microplastics in textiles and tyres as major source of ocean pollution

Primary microplastics_IUCN Joao Sousa

A new IUCN report has identified tiny plastic particles called microplastics that are washed off products such as synthetic clothes and car tyres as being capable of contributing up to 30% of the ‘plastic soup’ polluting the world’s oceans. In

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Mengetahui web Judi Online Terpercaya

Africa's first solar bus

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Trik Untuk Menang Terus Bermain BandarQ

Africa innovation Sustainia

The 2016 Sustainia100 presents this year’s 100 most innovative, available, scalable and sustainable solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. Almost a third of this year’s solutions are either developed or rolled out in Africa. From pay-as-you-go off-grid solar energy in Kenya to electric mini-cabs in South Africa, we can say that Africa is a fertile ground for disruptive opportunities.

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Meet Africa’s Bicycle Journalists & Watch their Sustainability Films

MoJo Velo in Africa

Three bicycle journalists are travelling across Africa, creating a series of short documentaries that showcase some of the continents’ most inspiring sustainability change makers – entrepreneurs, innovators, conservationists, activists and ordinary people doing extraordinary things for the future of

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Six Key Emerging Environmental Issues

environmental issues_kb

A new UNEP report, Frontiers, highlights a number of the world's key emerging environmental issues, which include the worrying rise in zoonotic diseases, the threat to human health posed by the alarming amount of plastic waste in our oceans and the crucial role the world's financial sector can play in driving the planet to a low-carbon, resource efficient future.

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World’s Top Sustainability Experts Rethink Consumption

Rethink Consumption_UNEP

Some of the world’s top sustainability experts met recently to rethink consumption and production patterns and ways of accelerating progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


An accelerated shift to sustainable consumption and production (SCP) patterns is indispensable for

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Biogas backpack revolutionises cooking in Ethiopia

B-Energy biogas Ethiopia

B-Energy, a bio-fuel start-up, is changing rural Ethiopia by producing and providing people with bags that can carry and store biogas. It is also getting locals to start their own businesses by producing and providing biogas to their communities.


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Calling all disruptors, innovators and blue-sky-thinkers: We are looking for the best solutions from Tunis to Cape Town


Bamboo bicycles from Ghana, floating schools in Lagos, Nigerian and Kenyan solar-powered water-systems – the list goes on. What’s evident is that African sustainable innovations are on the rise, as demonstrated in last year’s Sustainia100 – a report that

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