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“How to get rid of your diesel generator! Should you really?”

Generator hybrid RENAC
Mini-grids powered by renewable energies will play an important role in extending, enhancing and greening electricity services in remote or yet unserved regions. The frequently used phrase “powered by renewable energies” implies a fully renewable energy system without fossil fuel powered generators. Your initial reaction would probably be: “Yes! Finally I can get rid of my thirsty, noisy and dirty fuel guzzler!” Let’s find out if you really should and register for the content-based free live webinar.
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World’s Top Sustainability Experts Rethink Consumption

Rethink Consumption_UNEP

Some of the world’s top sustainability experts met recently to rethink consumption and production patterns and ways of accelerating progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


An accelerated shift to sustainable consumption and production (SCP) patterns is indispensable for

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Mobile tech provides weather forecasts for small farmers in West Africa

sustainable farming_ss

Mobile technology is being used in the form of SMS texts to provide critical weather forecasts for small farmers in West Africa – helping farmers better plan and manage their crops. This initiative by Ignitia, a high-tech social enterprise,

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Project Everyone – engaging the world in ensuring a sustainable future

#globalgoals and #wehaveaplan

Project Everyone is an ambitious new campaign which aims to share news and information about the global sustainable development goals with 7 billion people around the world – in just 7 days!

Project Everyone was founded by Richard Curtis

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New technology helps prevent post-harvest losses without refrigeration

Wakati food storage in Africa

In Africa, many smallholder farmers face the challenge of post-harvest food losses because they aren’t able to store perishable fruits and vegetables adequately before they reach the market. With fast growing populations, increased food insecurity in Africa, and the

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Creating a #NewVision for the Future of our Planet

#NewVision Future

Today marks World Environment Day – celebrated annually around the world on 5 June. This year the theme is “Seven billion dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care” – reminding us that our futures and our aspirations for a

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Switching on to efficient lighting

energy efficient lighting

The worldwide transition towards more energy efficient lighting has begun. To accelerate the phase-in of advanced lighting technologies that will help save energy, reduce carbon emissions and provide light to millions of people who currently lack access – governments, public

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What’s your Plastic Footprint?


Many people and companies today measure and manage their carbon footprints, water footprints, consumption and production patterns – but have you considered your plastic footprint? Furthermore, have you considered the impact of plastic waste on the environment, our oceans

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Metal Recycling, Product Design and the Environment

Metal recycling

To meet the growing global demand for metals – while also meeting sustainability goals and reducing the environmental impacts associated with use and production of metals – requires a rethink of product design and metal recycling practices.


Theoretically, metals

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Unreasonable at Sea: Entrepreneurs Set Sail to Change the World

unreasonable at sea
Unreasonable at Sea is a radical experiment in transnational entrepreneurship, design-thinking, and education, designed to scale-up effective technological solutions to the greatest challenges of our time.
Working directly with technology based companies and entrepreneurs who are passionate to tackle
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