C40 cities to reduce 1 billion tonnes of GHG emissions by 2030

C40 Cities’ existing actions will reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions by 248 million tonnes in 2020; potential reduction could be over 1 billion tonnes by 2030.

Mayors, delegations from the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group and a U.S. President, assembled in Rio at ‘Rio + C40: Megacity Mayors Taking Action on Climate Change’, an event held at the recent Rio+20 Earth Summit to highlight the concrete climate actions being taken by C40 Cities.

According to the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, new data was released at the event indicating that C40 Cities have the potential to reduce their annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by over a billion tonnes by 2030, from business as usual. This is equivalent to the annual GHG emissions of Mexico and Canada combined. Just with the measures they have already undertaken or committed to, C40 Cities are on track to reduce their collective annual emissions by 248 million tonnes by 2020. C40 Cities have undertaken nearly 5,000 climate-related actions since the network first formed in 2005. In many cases, these actions were taken without financial support from national government.

“Mayors and cities don’t have the luxury of just sitting around and talking about problems because on a whole range of critical issues, the buck stops at City Hall. Because of Mayors’ commitment to action, cities are making great progress in reducing greenhouse gases, which helps beat back climate change and makes our cities better, more livable places” said New York City Mayor, Michael R. Bloomberg.

“When mobilized as one, cities wield sufficient collective power to influence opinion and nudge policy further up the legislative agenda. Cities have more freedom than nation states to put into place progressive strategies that are already changing people’s lives and today’s announcement is testament to the action and unity that is thriving at a municipal level around the globe” said Rio de Janeiro Mayor, Eduardo Paes.

African C40 cities
The C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40) is a network of large and engaged cities from around the world committed to implementing meaningful and sustainable climate-related actions locally that will help address climate change globally. Of the 58 affiliated cities in the network, 4 are from Africa: Addis Ababa, Cairo, Johannesburg and Lagos.

Source: C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group

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