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Growing sustainable cotton provides multiple benefits for Africa

Cotton made in Africa organic

An initiative called Cotton made in Africa (CmiA) proves that growing sustainable cotton provides multiple benefits for Africa. CmiA has been championing improved living conditions of smallholder farmers and environmentally sustainable production of cotton in Africa from 2005. Since

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Mobile Solar Classrooms in Uganda help bridge the digital divide

Mobile Solar Classroom in Uganda

In schools across Uganda, children are learning new computer skills in a digital literacy curriculum that is brought to learners through pop-up Mobile Solar Computer Classrooms. The project helps to bridge the digital divide in Africa by making computer

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Project Everyone – engaging the world in ensuring a sustainable future

#globalgoals and #wehaveaplan

Project Everyone is an ambitious new campaign which aims to share news and information about the global sustainable development goals with 7 billion people around the world – in just 7 days!

#globalgoals and #wehaveaplan

Chiwetel Ejiofor, Freida Pinto and Richard Curtis

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Innovative pedal-power approach to recycling in Nigeria

Bilikiss Adebiyi-Abiola

Wecyclers – an innovative social enterprise in Lagos, Nigeria, that uses pedal-powered cargo bicycles to carry out its network of recycling services – has received interest from around the world on how its model could be replicated. Wecyclers not only

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New technology helps prevent post-harvest losses without refrigeration

Wakati food storage in Africa

In Africa, many smallholder farmers face the challenge of post-harvest food losses because they aren’t able to store perishable fruits and vegetables adequately before they reach the market. With fast growing populations, increased food insecurity in Africa, and the

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Scuba divers to help save marine biodiversity in the Mediterranean


A new conservation campaign is reaching out to scuba divers in the Mediterranean to assist with the monitoring and identification of marine invasive species – which pose a threat to the region’s biodiversity. Scuba divers will be able to upload

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Twitter handles to follow for climate change updates on Africa


Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are great places to learn, engage and share information and news about climate change. They can be used to promote and share climate change solutions, the latest climate change research and findings,

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Do your cosmetics contain microplastics that threaten ocean health?

global oceans action summit

You may not have ever heard the term ‘microplastics‘ before, but these tiny particles of plastic are contained in many cosmetic products and land up in the global oceans where they can cause harm to marine life, with

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Sustainability and values drive perceptions of Leadership

Sustainability Leaders

Companies, NGOS and governments are viewed by expert stakeholders as leaders, based on their values – according to a new Sustainability Leaders report by GlobeScan and SustainAbility.

For corporations, expert stakeholders also think companies are leaders based on

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Creating a #NewVision for the Future of our Planet

#NewVision Future

Today marks World Environment Day – celebrated annually around the world on 5 June. This year the theme is “Seven billion dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care” – reminding us that our futures and our aspirations for a

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