African solutions feature in Sustainia100

Sustainia100 is a guide to 100 ready, available and sustainable solutions that show pathways towards a future sustainable society. Several African organizations and companies were selected to feature in this top 100 list that represents 56 countries on six continents. Amongst the featured African orgnisations and companies are Chumbe Island Coral Park, Ruby Cup and Cleanstar Mozambique.

Sustainia100: innovative, scalable, sustainable worldwide solutions
SustainiaSustainia100 is a complete guide to innovative and scalable solutions that are instrumental in creating sustainable societies and which have potential for cross-sectorial impacts. Sustainia100 showcases existing solutions and serves as an inspiration for politicians, investors, mayors, architects, city planners and other people with an interest in building a sustainable future. Furthermore it represents solutions that highlight key benefits relating to the triple bottom line of sustainability: economic, social and environmental.

“Sustainia100 is the greatest story never told. We have solutions available to transform societies into desirable and sustainable hotspots. With Sustainia100, it is our hope that these solutions will inspire and facilitate the political debate around possibilities and not obstacles”, says Laura Storm, Executive Director of Sustainia.

“Securing the planet for future generations is a global collaborative task. Sustainia100 demonstrates that since the first Earth Summit in 1992 solutions and innovations to tackle this challenge have been developed all over the world. We need to make more people aware of these solutions and inspire more to act. With the Sustainia100 there is no excuse for not choosing a sustainable path to the future. The solutions are there. Ready for use”, says Gro Harlem Brundtland, Former Prime Minister, Member of The Elders Team.

Sustainia: a global platform to create and inspire a sustainable future
Sustainia100 is a cornerstone in Sustainia – which is a concept for communicating a sustainable future based on concrete and tangible know-how and technologies – a global collaborative platform for building a model and vision for a sustainable future. Sustainia reaches beyond written visions – it is a virtual construction site and community for those building the sustainable future. Sustainia has been developed by companies, organizations and experts in close collaboration with UN Global Compact and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s initiative ‘Regions 20’.

In the video below Lara Storm, Sustainia’s Executive Director explains the concept and vision for Sustainia:

Sustainia website
Sustainaia 100


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