Action/2015 – one of the biggest campaigns ever launched

Launched today, action/2015 is one of the biggest campaigns ever – supported by over a thousand organisations from across the world – it aims to ensure that leaders commit to a better future for all at two significant United Nations events to be held this year. The upcoming events – the UN Special Summit on Sustainable Development in September and the UN Climate talks in Paris in December – are critical moments in the future of our society.


Dozens of high profile activists from Queen Rania Al Abdullah and Bono to Ben Affleck, Bill and Melinda Gates and Mo Ibrahim have backed the action/2015 coalition. The campaign is calling on world leaders to agree plans to eradicate poverty, prevent dangerous climate change and tackle inequality at these summits. action/2015 will provide ways for people all around the world to get involved in influencing the outcomes of these global debates.

At part of the launch, activities are taking place in more than 50 countries all around the world from Lebanon and Liberia to Nigeria and Norway to South Africa and Sri Lanka.  Many of these are spearheaded by 15 year olds – a constituency who will be among the most affected by the agreements:

In Nigeria, 15 year olds will present their hopes for the future to Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala at a live concert; 

In Tanzania, 15 year olds will meet Vice President Mohamed Gharib Bilal to discuss their aspirations for the future and the action they want from political leaders in 2015;  

In Uganda young people will challenge the Speaker of Parliament to listen to their demands when they hand over a petition signed by over 10,000 young people;

Speaking about why she got involved in the campaign, Maryam, a Nigerian child rights activist, who will turn 15 this year said:

“By 2030 I will be an adult, and may have children of my own. My generation might not be the ones making decisions today, but we will be the ones to make sure that our leaders take full responsibility for the actions they take this year. I and thousands like me are demanding they make the right choices, because our future is at stake. We ask that they make choices which are dictated by the needs of future generations and not choices that are dictated by short-term politics.”

action/2015 is calling on the public to join them in their calls to ensure world leaders commit to a better world.  Throughout 2015, the campaign will provide ways for everyone everywhere to get involved in influencing the outcomes of these global debates that could achieve:

– An end to poverty in all its forms;

– The meeting of fundamental rights, tackling inequality and discrimination;

– An accelerated transition to 100% renewable energy;

– A world where everyone can participate and hold their leaders accountable.

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